Bianca Johnson


Bianca is a yogi who hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her love of yoga stemmed from a young age where she used it as a tool to get through the ebb and flow of adolescence. Being apart of the Modo Yoga community brought her a stronger sense of self and belonging. Bianca always finds new ways to deepen her practice by exploring different styles, teachers and studios. She has a fierce commitment to health and wellness through plant-based whole foods, and will share delicious recipes with you if you ask! Bianca finds mindfulness to be the best tool given to her from yoga and has a commitment to a daily practice. She is honoured to have her teachers Michelle Corbeil, Jess Lemon, Brendan Jensen and Ezmy Stavroff to be such amazing role models through her journey as a teacher and a student. She hopes to bring a fun, warm, calming ease to the class while holding space for her students to relish in the moments and follow their own yogic path.