What People Are Saying

image description You live with yourself for whatever amount of years you've been on this earth and you think you have some idea of who you are. Then you come to this training and it's like there's this whole other brand new person that's been waiting to show itself at the perfect moment. Peace isn't easy to find or hold on to. However, once you've had a taste of it there's no going back, you're on a constant search for how to achieve and maintain it. I found peace in those 30 days and I look forward to spreading that in my community through teaching and the ongoing journey of learning. Michell Smith Nicaragua 2015
  • Modo

    A challenging, hot HATHA yoga sequence of postures & breathing exercises. All levels welcome.

  • Modo with Meditation

    A 60 minute Modo class followed by 15 minutes of guided, seated meditation.

  • Vinyasa Flow

    A challenging, hot FLOW yoga class & continuous movement linking downward dog flows with breath. The primary difference between Modo Flow & Vinayasa is that Vinyasa does not have a set sequence of postures (it will be different each time).

  • Yang Yin

    An invigorating active practice for the first half of class (Yang), followed by a slower, passive practice with longer holds (Yin). All levels welcome.

  • Yin

    A slower practice with longer holds to get beyond the muscles into the connective tissues, improving joint circulation & flexibility. All levels welcome. Reduced heat.

  • Flow 2

    A challenging FLOW practice with longer holds, more meditation, increased breath work, advanced concepts. A great way to shake up your practice! This class is not suitable for beginners. (20+ recommended)

  • Pilates

    Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body. The blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking up.

  • Yoga with Weights

    A challenging, higher-intensity class focusing on integrating small hand weights through a variety of poses to build muscle tone. Allow your body to sculpt and lengthen every major muscle group in the body while feeling energized in this powerful practice.

  • Sculpt

    This low impact class with sculpt your entire body from head to toe! Utilizing light hand & ankle weights along with resistance bands to firm & lengthen your muscles, especially the smaller accessory muscles around hips/butt/thighs, abs, lower back & arms. Walk out feeling longer, tighter & stronger!

  • Modo Flow

    A challenging, always moving, hot FLOW yoga sequence linking downward dog flows with breath. Beginners should feel comfortable with Modo classes first.

  • Modo Flow With Music

    Modo Flow class set to the teacher’s music playlist or from time to time a live musician.

  • Modo Level 2

    A challenging, more advanced hot HATHA yoga sequence with longer holds, more meditation and an extended final savasana. Beginners should feel comfortable with Modo & Modo Flow classes first.

  • Community Class

    A reduced-fee Modo class led by a teacher-in-training. All passes apply or $10+HST Drop In. Constructive feedback always welcome.

  • Karma Class

    A reduced-fee, by donation only Modo class ($5 minimum). All profits support not-for-profit organizations.